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Center for Cancer Genetics Research and Prevention

The UC Irvine School of Medicine's Center for Cancer Genetics Research and Prevention is contributing to discoveries that are creating an exciting new frontier of cancer research.

The direct path to preventing, detecting, diagnosing and treating cancer is the identification of the genes involved and the environmental influences leading to the development of cancer. The center is seeking these solutions through studies of the distribution and behavior of cancer in the general population using the tools of epidemiology, genetics, molecular biology and bioinformatics.

The center is dedicated to making its discoveries available to the members of the general public and the medical community responsible for the promotion of health and provision of care.

The center’s objectives parallel those of the National Cancer Institute:

  • Expand and integrate basic, clinical, and epidemiologic research to identify and characterize genes responsible for inherited predisposition to cancer.
  • Provide the infrastructure to establish effective interventions in individuals with inherited predispositions to cancer.
  • Establish approaches to study the interactions between genes and individual genetic variations and the environment to understand cancer risk.
  • Develop the informatics needed to collect, store, analyze, and integrate the resulting molecular, epidemiologic, and clinical data.

As part of this mission, the center’s activities are directed by a group of concerned citizens, physicians, business leaders and scientists who meet regularly to direct the center’s activities. The center is grateful to these board members for their vision, direction and commitment to our goals.