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Below are brief descriptions of epidemiology faculty and their research interest. Expanded information regarding faculty research interests is available by clicking on an individual faculty name below to link to UC Irvine's Faculty Profiles database which provides full professional biographies of UC Irvine researchers.

Hoda Anton-Culver, PhD: Cancer genetics; epidemiology and community research: development of information systems facilitating the exchange of human cancer genetics information and resources; professional and lay community outreach programs helping to prevent and control cancer

Dwight Culver, MD: Environmental epidemiology; environmental exposure to chemical and physical agents

Ralph Delfino, MD, PhD: Environmental epidemiology; longitudinal studies of air pollution and respiratory and cardiovascular outcomes in susceptible populations; impacts of in-utero and early-life environmental exposures on allergic and respiratory outcomes in children;  relationships between reproductive outcomes and exposure to traffic-related air pollution. Studies involve evaluation of personal exposures and gene-environment interactions. A video from an "On The Air" news station broadcast featured Dr. Delfino talking about the effects of traffic-related chemical pollutants on chronic diseases.

Rufus Edwards, PhD: Environmental epidemiology; effects of air pollution particles; VOC; developing world changes; greenhouse gas; European cities; Expolis

Deborah Goodman-Gruen, MD, PhD, MPH:   Genetic epidemiology; cancer epidemiology; obesity and diabetes; data management, controversies in cancer etiology

Luohua Jiang, PhD:  Diabetes prevention and management; health disparities research; multilevel and longitudinal data analysis; latent variable modeling

Trina Norden-Krichmar, PhD:  Bioinformatics; genetic factors in human diseases; gene expression analysis; non-coding RNA; metagenomics; environmental and marine genomics

Christine McLaren, PhD: Biostatistics: analysis of hereditary hemochromatosis 

Feng Liu-Smith, PhD:  Molecular mechanisms of etiology and drug resistance in melanoma; function and mechanisms of redox biology in cancer progression

Andrew Odegaard, Ph.D.: Diet, nutrition, lifestyle, physical activity, obesity, body composition, metabolic disorders, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, Alzheimer's, cognition, translation

Daniel Stokols, PhD:  Environmental Psychology, Trandisciplinary Team Science, Community & Global Health

Nathan Wong, PhD, MPH: Epidemiology: Heart disease prevention; coronary calcium; metabolic syndrome; cardiovascular diseases 

Jason Zell, DO, MPH, Cancer prevention: Aerodigestive and gastrointestinal malignancies; genetic epidemiology

Argyrios Ziogas, PhD, Biostatistics: Statistical methodology for family studies related to genetic (family) data, ascertainment bias and gene environment and gene-gene interactions related to cancer etiology